My Story

As a 5/1 Mental Projector, here to guide others in streamlining their life for ease, joy and graceful connection to the Divine.

After graduating with my degree in Psychology, I was intuitively called to move from Alabama to Taiwan, a land I knew nothing about and where I knew no one, with just $200 and my rebel spirit. It was in following this calling, that I met Goddess Kwan Yin. I fell to the goddess’s feet, curled up and wept.

Heeding this call to Taiwan was a coming home, om mani padme hum, a stepping through the gates of the Temple of Remembrance onto the spiritual path. In my 11 years in Taiwan, I was graced with immersion in Daoism, Buddhism,Yoga and Tantra. I went deep into meditation practices and began to guide classes, workshops and spiritual circles.

Recently, I was called back to the united states, the land of my birth and the next phase of my journey, combining the sciences of psychology and Human Design with the esoteric practices of surrender and the Divine Feminine.

It is my life’s calling to continue to deepen into the remembrance of who I am, as Human, Soul and Spirit, and to support others on Their journey of remembrance, into Love in the name of the One Heart.

If I may be the one to support you, please don't hesitate to reach out.


I illuminate, ignite & nurture joy, healing & wholeness for women ready for radical transformation.
Is this you?


Nature knows no mistakes.  The Rose knows only to move in spirals unfolding to Her fullest potential. You are the Rose.


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