Welcome, beloved, to the Light and Shadow Kayla website. 

It's truly an honour that you are choosing to invest your valuable time to explore here at this time. Read on to discover more about me and my work, explore the site at your leisure, and know you are so welcome to reach out as your intuition pings you.... 

As a mentor and coach, Kayla Oceanna's joy is in listening deeply and inviting women to step more fully into their own power.  

She will graciously call you out on your blind spots and invite you into living a more authentic, joy-filled life.

As an intuitive space holder for light and shadow, Kayla welcomes all of your divine and human experiences with equanimity and compassion.  

She is here to consistently remind you that the Universe, God, Your Higher Self is only conspiring in your favor, you are not here to be punished or live a life that is anything less than brilliant! 


With a foundation in psychology and Buddhist, Daoist and Tantric Practices, combined with her own gifts at seeing Your Unique Energetic Blueprint and light and shadow tendencies, you will experience profound healing in the form of: 


  • clearing sexual shame and trauma

  • empowered action and speaking up

  • healing from chronic anxiety and depression

  • calling in your sacred partner or deepening your current relationship

  • shifting from feeling disconnected, lonely, or cut off to deeply connected

  • learning to interrupt harmful patterns of behavior and replace them with constructive ones

  • clearing aversion to the divine feminine energies to embrace receptivity and surrender  

  • tools for compassion, forgiveness, groundedness, and connection to a purposeful, rewarding life



Sister, are you ready to cross the next threshold?

To say, "Enough!" to playing small, making excuses, to forcing, manipulating or letting that same old victim story rule you?!

 Do you tremble with excitement, anticipation or nervousness at the at the notion of finally dedicating yourself to embodying Yourself so fully so that you live a life radically in love? 


Do you long to feel purposeful? Connected to a higher wisdom?

Are you ready to be held accountable and take responsibility for your own life?


If this connection may be a fit for the  support you're longing for, book a complimentary clarity call to explore more with Kayla now. She will guide you in an intuitive session to find the right solutions for you.

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