Welcome, beloved, to the Light and Shadow Kayla web portal. 

Since 2016, Light and Shadow Kayla's integrative coaching has been empowering teens, women, men and non-binary humans with the tools they need to redefine their lives so that they can create the space necessary for important positive shifts.

About Kayla Oceanna

Kayla Oceanna is an intuitive energy reader who specializes in seeing the patterns of why we do what we do and how to harness this understanding to maximize life potential.  In so doing, she clarifies and deepens her clients’ understandings of themselves and empowers them in creating and reinforcing new ways of being to forge lives full of joy and purpose.


Kayla is a certified yoga and meditation YTT-500 instructor, Thai Masseuse, Sound Energy Healer, Energy Reader, Human Design Level II Reader and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner.

She holds degrees in Behavioral Psychology and Education.

Kayla loves learning from and honoring other cultures and languages. They have graduated from Daoist Temple Studies in HouShanPi, Taiwan and received direct empowerments from the Master Abess at the Gate of the Open Heart Buddhist Institute in Yilan, Taiwan.

Kayla facilitates meditation and well-being workshops, conscious couple’s courses and works with clients privately across the globe to feel more trusting, empowered, balanced and vibrant, with themselves and in relationships.

The majority of clients come to Kayla seeking relief from anxiety/depression, to heal relationship troubles or to prepare for their soulful life partner they may be longing for. Others arrive in the midst of transition looking for spiritual connection and overall well-being in times of challenge.

Benefits of Working with Kayla

Kayla's gifts are her directness and ability to cut through the fluff of shadow work in a way that is deeply potent and unfolds as beautifully as a fairytale.


Her ability to sit in the darkness comfortably to allow the yielding of all its gifts reflects in her holding equal space for her clients, as they meet and untangle from their shadows and open up to greater gifts inside and out.


She can clearly see the driving energetics lingering at the very core and is highly intuitive at leading a person in a way that will best benefit their highest awakening.


Her effortlessness in bringing clarity to clients by keeping them focused on their next step helps ease unnecessary anxiety and aids in rapid transformation.


When you work with Kayla, you can trust that she sees you fully, expertly tracks your inner process and guides you confidently along on your unique journey to reaching your highest goals. - Kensi Hardin


     Trained modalities used in sessions...

  • Human Design / Astrology / Astrocartography

  • neuroscience / neurobiology research and applications 

  • energy healing / meditation / emotional freedom technique (EFT)

  • cognitive behavioral psychology / somatic psychology / attachment theory


Where To Go From Here

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