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Welcome, Beloved

Light and Shadow Kayla

"I believe challenges are portals of potential. When approached with intention, reverence and wonder, we open to the possibility of challenge alchemizing into wondrous outcomes."


Kayla Hardin is a certified crisis counselor and coach with a B.A. in Behavioral Psychology. She specializes in understanding the patterns of human behavior to unlock maximum life potential. As a recovering co-dependent and people-pleasing neurodivergent and empath, Kayla deeply empathizes with the challenges faced by neurodivergent individuals, queer individuals, and women. Her mission is to help them break free from guilt, shame, anxiety, and victim mindsets, empowering them to live a life filled with joy and purpose.

With a focus on relational, spiritual, and practical solutions, Kayla guides individuals to gain clarity and deepen their understanding of themselves and their relational patterns. Through this transformative process, clients experience a profound sense of empowerment, enabling them to create new ways of being and forge vibrant and balanced relationships with themselves and others.

Kayla facilitates transformative Women's Circles, providing a supportive space for queer individuals and women to practice relational alchemy and create powerful shifts in their lives. These circles offer practical and spiritual solutions, along with meditation and movement practices, within small groups to ensure personalized attention and care.

Whether through intimate Women's Circles or personalized 1:1 work, Kayla's goal is to help individuals forge a life filled with joy, purpose, and vibrant relationships. If you're ready for a radical transformation and the full-time support your soul longs for, connect with Kayla to explore the transformative possibilities awaiting you.

Benefits of Working with Kayla

Clients seek Kayla's support during challenging life transitions, yearning for spiritual connection and overall well-being in times of intensity. For those ready to embark on a profound journey of self-transformation, Kayla offers one-on-one work, providing full-time support and guidance to help individuals make radical shifts in their lives.

Drawing on her 12 years living in Taiwan and immersion in Eastern practices such as Daoism and Buddhism, Kayla seamlessly integrates Eastern wisdom into her holistic approach to spirituality, which combines with her background in Western psychology.

In her sessions, Kayla utilizes a diverse range of modalities, including Eastern psychology, somatic techniques such as meditation, sound healing, and yoga. Additionally, she incorporates her expertise as a crisis counselor, integrating energy healing, emotional freedom technique (EFT), cognitive-behavioral psychology, and somatic psychology.

Through Kayla's compassionate guidance and multifaceted approach, clients gain the tools and insights needed to navigate their inner landscapes, leading to profound personal growth and transformation. She is dedicated to empowering neurodivergent individuals, queer individuals, and women on their transformative journeys, providing a safe and supportive space for healing and growth.


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