Four Fearless Feminine Foundations
UnVeil Your Essence
17-Week Online Immersion

Are you ready to say 'thank you, next' to old ways of being that just aren’t serving you anymore?

Are you willing to commit to yourself, to show up for four months of deep work to radically transform your life and unveil your ESSENCE?

Do you agree that you create your own reality and just need some tools to recalibrate your system to embody this Truth?  In this four month intimate program, I will be holding your hand in a circle of sisters while we reframe belief systems and co-create new pathways of self-love and 
Empower ourselves with the Four Fearless Feminine Foundations
That allow us to show up in the world as our Essence!


This Progam is for you if you are ready to...

  • feel at home in your body

  • unconditionally love yourself 

  • trust your intuition & gut instinct

  • learn to embrace "being" as a superpower

  • open easefully to more abundance and flow


    explore repressed sexuality and forgotten sensuality



    develop your discernment and cultivate your sacred “No"

  • learn to stoke your inner fire for more energy & creativity


  • attune to your body’s natural rhythms to maximize your life


    learn the art of radical responsibility and how we are all connected


  • receive clear tools to forgive deeply from a place of easeful gentleness

  • access your power to rewrite your story and shift conditioned limited beliefs

  • deepen into Divine Feminine practices to balance the logical masculine action 

  • realize or hone your essence gift that you wish to offer to the world -- and be supported 

  • free your inner Wild Woman and transmute shame and guilt into radical acceptance and freedom for your Essence Self

  • learn to embrace so-called "negative" emotions like anger, jealousy and fear and use them to catalyze change

What does your heart say? Is now the time to Unveil Your Essence?

If not NOW, when?

It’s my honor you’re considering the Four Fearless Feminine Foundations to support you in your Unveiling.

Are you ready to be held in the structure of a deep, powerful & timeless alchemical cauldron; to ignite A Remembrance of who you are as your core Essence?


And bonus ~ when you do this work for yourself, you do it for the healing of All!

Right NOW, let's redefine the word “selfish” as a Holy Act.

We'll be redefining many misguided ideas that may have been carried in this lifetime and passed down for generations in the Four Foundations.


This is why we will be going on meditative journeys to connect with archetypal energies and other energy tools.

Are you ready to surrender and open to the Mystery of your Essence?

Schedule a 20-min Exploratory Session

Unsure about if this is right for you?  Let's meet to explore.  

I'm a YES!

I am ready to commit to myself,  to Unveil my Essence and Live my Highest Expression of Truth NOW

You Receive:


  • bi-weekly group live calls (1.5 - 2 hours each) recorded for you to keep


  • 4 personal calls with Kayla (optional) 


  • Private forum for sharing, support, questions, and resources


  • Monthly Bundles with information, inspiration, guided meditations and practices pertaining to the energy of each moon






Clearing beliefs of not being unconditionally loved or safe.  Releasing childhood trauma to allow your root to be open and receptive to the world, no longer programmed by subconscious fight or flight triggers.


Soak in abundance, glow with sexual radiance. Releasing blocks that keep you from receiving and offering so that you can open to flow of abundance in money, creativity and relationship.


Moon III: Wild Woman
Clear Guilt and Shame, hone your boundaries & release your Wild Woman!


Forgive on a cellular level and accept radical responsibility for your life. Connect to the One Heart in Gratitude and Love. Share. Repeat.



Earthy Empowerment Package

You receive:

  • Ten 90-120 min. live calls (recorded for you to keep forever)

  • Practice partners and home-play exercises to explore together 

  • Private group access for sharing, support, questions, and resources

  • Monthly Resource Bundles

Golden Goddess Package 

You receive:

  • Complete Earthy Empowerment Package 

  • Four 45-min 1:1 Personalized Transformation & Energy Clearing Calls with Kayla

Monthly Payment Plans Available (details in application)





*Payment Plans & Partial Scholarships Available


Kayla has a high sensitivity and intuition that allows her to see behind the veils of ordinary perception. Combined with her genuine interest in diving deep and leaving no shadow unnoticed and unloved she makes an amazing Priestess offering the magical ability of healing and empowering. If you need some spiritual guidance and support, reach out to Kayla and get ready to be re-born.

I am so blessed to have Kayla as part of my life journey, an inspiration and spiritual guru awakening my mind, body, and soul. Her feminine practice of meditation is fluid, gentle and powerful. Anyone who comes across Kayla's path is one lucky soul.

Kayla has absolutely enriched my life.  Having the structured system to really discover myself with her holding me has literally been life changing.  I'm more aware of my shadows and I'm building a 'bag of tricks' to use when I need.  Her perspective is expansive and really allows me to get beyond limited perceptions of my small self.  I'm truly grateful for this work.  If you're ready to bring in support in your life, I highly recommend exploring with Kayla.  

I absolutely LOVED every single session. 
Kayla has inspired and helped me so much. She facilitates my self-searching journey so beautifully and I am so grateful for having her in my life.
Kayla has taught me life-skills that are so rich and nourishing in so many ways. 
I am grateful and honored to have the chance to sit with her and share with this wonderful woman each week.

I just had an incredible healing session with Kayla! Her intuitive wisdom helped me unravel some deep energetic blocks that had been around my throat since childhood. I’m so excited to bring my voice into the world in a much bigger way. Thank you!

I will never forget the day when I came to my first workshop with Kayla. I was pushing down a lot of emotional pain. Through our eye contact, I knew she saw and acknowledged it. And because I knew that she knew, I was able to turn and face what I really felt. Kayla has an incredible ability to connect you with your inner truth.
Kayla has such a fearless and compassionate heart. She inspires to live every morsel of life with dedication to being truthful and present.

It was a inner call that connected me to Kayla. It was surprisingly a deep touching heart connection with her. After a surgery I had couple months ago and the medical treatment I’m still having, I’m going through a difficult time in my life.

With the guidance, Kayla helps me to again look into the sources of my life courses. To go back to the beginning to re-feel the center and rebirth of my inner power.

To see how powerful I can be, to see how unconditional love can work in a totally different way, not just towards others but also to myself, and to receive the the Divine energy and transform that power into the wisdom in daily life.

Who is Your Guide?

Learn More about Kayla

Schedule a 20-min Exploratory Session

Unsure about if this is right for you?  Let's meet to explore if this is a right fit.  

I'm a YES!

Are you ready to commit to YourSelf?  To Unveil Your Essence and Live Your Highest Expression of Truth NOW?!