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3 Keys to Radically Transform Your Life

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

1. Call in the 3 C's: Clarity, Choice, & (acCountable) Commitment Get clear about what is you want. Write down your deepest heart's desire right now. Make a choice. Choice is empowering. When we tell the higher powers what it is we want and that we are consciously choosing to make it a reality, the gates open. Commit. Write down at least one commitment step to making this happen (hint: Embracing Embodiment could be this step!). Call on Support, too, to hold you accountable. I suggest finding friends and/or mentors to help you along. We're not meant to go this life alone and we all need support sometimes.

2. Embrace Embodiment

Deepen your embodiment practices. Meditate, connect with nature, cultivate the art of just being, with nothing to do. Listen to your body. What is your body wanting to express, what are you aware of in your body now? Mark an entire day on your calendar to be offline and off your computer. Dance, take a bath, do yoga, sit on your cushion, play one sweet song with the intention to listen so deeply that you and the music merge. Cultivating the art of being and learning to embrace embodiment is the feminine foundation of radical transformation. 3. Surrender to Shadows

Ahhh, the art of surrendering to shadows. This one is hard in our culture, but we are definitely at the dawn of a new day, waking up to this absolutely transformative practice. This is one of my favorites. Can you learn to be with your shadows? Your shadows are those little gremlins that may have been hiding out in dark corners of your subconscious, manipulating and controlling you in ways you haven't even been aware of! Begin to be more aware of your shadows. Does this mean letting them take over? Of course not! Rather, we learn to surrender to the truth that they are there, we say "hello", we get curious and then there is the potential for release.. Oftentimes, those shadows just need to be acknowledged before they transform into love.

As we deepen into making clear conscious choices and commitments to change and embracing embodiment as powerful tool, we can learn to be more aware of and know how to surrender to our shadows. These three keys have really transformed my life and in these pivotal times of transition, maybe they'll help you, too! Do you resonate with these keys? Or have your own? I'd love to hear what works for you!

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