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A Self-Love Valentine's Day Ritual (with Guided Meditation)

I'm all for loving my lover and expressing my gratitude for them in my life. I'm all for receiving that love back from them, too. And, I haven't 'celebrated' Valentine's Day in over a decade. I invite you this February 14, to sanctify your relationship with yourself, to fall in love with yourself more deeply. From here, our relationships with others will naturally and lovingly evolve.

A Self-Love Valentine's Day ritual to practice with yourself:

1. Take a bath or shower, or burn some sage to clear away the day.

2. Light a candle and turn on some gentle, loving music.

3. Enjoy this 6 min. meditation practice of connecting lovingly with yourself.

4. Answer the Journaling Questions that pop out to you:

  • What still makes me afraid about love is…

  • The way I can treat myself with more sensitively is to…

  • The way I can be closer/more intimate with myself is...

  • What makes me feel most receptive and open hearted is...

  • What purpose does beauty serve in spiritual evolution?

  • Answer honestly. Do you ever engage in seduction or sexual manipulation? If so, what are you afraid of really? What does seduction have to do with power?

  • How are unconditional love and freedom related?

  • What shields do you still wear in front of your heart to protect you from the possibility of rejection or hurt?

5. Say these affirmations out loud:

  • I love and accept myself as I am.

  • I forgive myself and set myself free.

  • I am amazing and astonishing.

  • I am outstanding and sexy.

  • I am beautiful.

  • I am clever, gorgeous, and caring.

  • I am confident.

  • I am fabulous, funny, and giving.

  • I am fearless.

  • I believe in myself.

  • I am worthy of love.

  • I choose to be kind to myself.

  • I am prepared to succeed.

  • I am unique.

  • I release the need to prove myself to anyone, as I am my own self and love it that way..

  • I love and accept myself unconditionally.

  • I am proud of myself and all that I accomplish.

  • I love myself and the world. I know that love is everything.

6. (Optional) Write a love letter to yourself.

Happy Self-Love Day to you, beautiful!

Loving you!

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