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Autumn Equinox ~ An invitation to slow down

Such gratitude for this invitation to the sacred pause, this Autumn Equinox. What is ready to be released to the Queen of Death so the New Reality may be Birthed, when the time is ripe?

For me, disconnection from Source is dying now. This is reflected to me as I gaze out at this blessed land where I have been received as caretaker this Fall. I feel my breath sync with the cows roaming in the gentle sunlight….slowing down. I feel the old ways dying; of working in cities, flying all over the world, not growing my own food, eating whatever I want no matter the season, not asking the Land and Her Flora and Fauna, 'how can I HONOUR you? How Can I Serve YOU?', not feeling their Unique Energies, Pulses and Soul Songs, being disconnected from Her Essence and thus my own, OUR ESSENCE. I feel Her rising up through my feet, ahhhhhh….. I feel a calm, cozy settling in as I nestle into the next deepening of this chapter of my life as a caretaker of Gaia’s Creatures, Waters, Earth and Air. The tree & plant people and the animal brothers and sisters here and I are collectively slipping into the waning of the year today on this blessed equilibrium...

What are you present to this day of perfect equilibrium?

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