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Deep Dive Upgrades: Unveil Your Essence

One year ago, I asked my dear friend, Padme, who was a regular in my Taipei Women’s Meditation Group, if she was interested in committing to the Six Moon Deep Dive Radical Transformation Program that had just visioned through me.

She was a full, YES! And since then it’s been such a gift to go deep into this work with her and the other inspiring women who have felt called to this work/play with me.

These women and I have explored their inner landscapes, revealing and unlocking blocks in self-worth that hid in the subconscious and played out in unconscious patterns of thought and behavior.

We’ve met twice monthly (or more) to explore deeper levels of understanding, practical tools for unveiling their Essence and entered into deep meditative states so they may be empowered through curative awareness and subconscious reprogramming.

Now, one year in and the program has more clarity and supportive features.

Like always each moonth focuses on different energetic themes, archetypes and elements but the next iteration of the Deep Dive will also include such goodies as:

💎Daily Reprogramming Meditations 💎Weekly ‘Reveal More’ Meditations 💎Deep Dive Self-Study Workshops 💎Optional Past Life Regressions 💎Unique Human Design Blueprint Readings

All of this and more to support Women in Unveiling their Essence to live an empowered life of surrender, ease, magic, & joy, which ripples out into the world. Loving this play!

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