New Year's 20 min Ritual Meditation - for the most expansive 2019 - complete by Jan. 4

I'm getting even more curious about the deep art of asking questions this year. For the New Year, in fact, I'm asking questions rather than setting intentions or resolutions. For me, this feels like an opening to more possibilities beyond the scope of my possibly limited imagination. What do you feel? Enjoy this clip of a New Year's Ritual where we reflect on 2018 and Dream for 2019....

This New Year's Ritual Mediation goes beyond resolutions and even intentions. Take your 2019 to the next level. 1. Reflect on the past year 2. Note your top three takeaways 3. Hands on heart, give thanks for all that was

4. Ask questions. We cannot look to the past for what will be in the future. Stay open to unimaginable possibilities. Ex. What would it look like to be abundantly resourced next year? What would it feel like to be with the love of my life? What would it be like to feel so at home in myself in every moment? 5. Write down your New Year's Question. 6. Allow a Word to arise (see my previous post). Use a thesaurus if you need to get it just right.

7. Hands to heart in gratitude and openness to what may arise. Palms out in offering to the world.

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