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One of the most direct routes to living the life you want is through choiceful vulnerability. And teaching your system enough safety to be intentionally vulnerable is a practice. Most of us didn’t learn the skill of active listening or intentional sharing. If you’re ready to elevate your life, there is a simple ingredient you NEED to add. 

You will not grow if you’re not willing to get vulnerable. 

The Sun is to Vitality what Vulnerability is to Growth. 

This is where (Not Just a) Women’s Circle comes in.

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My Story

I used to be terrified to be honest in my sharing. I had such a hard time really opening up to others and often had no clarity on what my authentic expression even was. I was hiding. Even in my vulnerability, I was controlling the narrative.

Everything came to a head when I was living in a home I didn’t love, stuck in a harmful relationship, and was doing work that didn’t light me up. What I didn’t even realize at the time is that I was keeping a part of myself hidden, from myself and those around me.  

I love the idea of women’s circles - unfortunately too many are not held in the deepest focalized frequency for healing, nor do they include the grounded, inspiring insights that can expand the mind's limited capacities. I’ve actually left many such gatherings feeling exposed, hurt and doubly contracted.

I found that my ten-year m
editation practice wasn’t enough, and I was missing a potent ingredient: relational alchemy. It was then that I discovered a simple way to breakthrough to living authentically and to being exactly how I wanted to be - with my dream partner, amazing friendships, work I love and life in my dream home.

I feel I have been called to create my own expression of an online circle combining the intended intimacy of women's circles with the deeper energy work of relational alchemy and my background in psychology and science. 


As a certified crisis counselor with a B.A. in psychology and M.A in education as well as seven years' experience as a guide and facilitator, you can feel truly held, met and inspired in circles facilitated by me (Kayla).


This is why I’m gathering  YOU  for

(Not Just a) Women’s Circle.

Let’s take this deeper. . .


Five Reasons to Join


 receive accountability and clarity about what you want in life



carve out space for your growth backed by science and millennials-old spiritual practices 


reinforce neural pathways of safety to create the life you want 


alleviate depression, loneliness and anxiety through consistent, connection-based calls

foster heart-centered connectivity in divisive times

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Chelsea Watts, Actor/Singer

Kayla magically knows what words and what stories will be able to bring you where you need to get.


In a very poetic way, her melodic voice leads you through visualizations that are inner travels and intimate encounters with yourself. 


Being guided by Kayla means going deep to see yourself - in a soft and subtle way, that still can shake you when darkened layers are unveiled. 


A journey with Kayla is a journey on the path of self love, inner strength and alignment with who you truly are.

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Kensi Hardin, Singer/Songwriter/Producer

Since working with Kayla] my life has been shifting in BIG ways.

She was able to lead me into past traumas in a way I haven't experienced before.

These traumas had been causing unbearable conflict within myself and my relationships for years and after about eight days of work, I could feel clarity and understanding taking over what was once confusion and frustration.

After integrating what I had experienced with Kayla, I finally feel like I can trust myself and my process, and that my body is an ally instead of an enemy.

I'm beginning to create clear boundaries for myself and others out of love and through this, have begun shedding what is no longer in line with my highest self.

For the first time, I'm feeling aligned with my true nature and like I am attracting what is right for me.Kayla has awakened in me a confidence I have been seeking for tirelessly for years. She is a true healer and integrator of darkness and light.

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Jessica Kay Lee, Writer/Mother

Every call, I reached a deeper part of me, that I had buried away subconsciously, never realizing how much these wounds affected my every day life as a woman, wife, mother,  daughter, friend, boss, and human being.

Kayla’s gentle method of reaching within, allowed me to open my pandora’s box with courage and resolution.  

I came out with an indescribable spiritual awakening that transformed me to an energy of compassion, strength, clarity, and love for all, especially myself.

I deeply recommend Kayla to anyone who’s ready for a radical transformation. With Kayla, you will gain the opportunity to live a true, purposeful existence in this lifetime. I love her with all my heart!

Above the Clouds

True vulnerability cannot impact your life without you actually strengthening that muscle.   


Join this circle and practice relational alchemy to watch your life change. Enter into a safe space where you practice being vulnerable, authentic, and expressive. Hone your capacity for active listening while clearing fears of intimacy that may exist from harmful past experiences. 


Each month you will:  

  • Be introduced to science-based and magic-enhanced concepts    

  • See from perspectives that expand your viewpoints and understandings    

  • Share and be witnessed in a container with an elevated level of safety and vulnerability    

  • Deepen your skills of active listening and authentic sharing    

  • Enforce new neural pathways    

  • Enjoy embodiment practices    


Calls are every other week on Sundays at Noon Pacific + NEW TIME COMING SOON FOR TAIWAN TIME ZONE!!


A typical therapy call will run from  $150 - $350.

A call with an energy healer/coach, $250- $500.

The exchange for this course:

only $119 / month ! 

What you get:
+ Intimate, personalized calls two times per month 

+ 90 minutes per call =  longer than your typical therapy/coaching calls

+ Group chat on Telegram for connections between calls
+ home "plays" to focus on and to further your expansion between calls
+ discounted 1:1 support calls with Kayla for the duration of your participation in the circle

* 3-month initial commitment

at $119 / month

Circles are intentionally kept small.  If you want to join, please do so asap.

Contact Kayla

Thanks for submitting!

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