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Before working with Kayla in her Six Moon Deep Dive, I was overwhelmed by depression and anxiety.  Working with Kayla is what I needed to really get into the old wounds, and start reprogramming deep within, to clear away the abuse I went through as a child.  The soul work we did is what I was searching for and I feel so grateful to have found Kayla by trusting my intuition. My experience was wonderful, challenging, amazing, and full of energy.  

One of Kayla’s strengths is total acceptance. To feel completely accepted and loved in every session was such a gift.  It allowed me to relax and let go of any fear that I might be judged (which of course was me letting go of judging myself).  She genuinely held space for me every session, to show up in whatever state I was in and I felt like I could truly be myself.


I loved being surprised by the exercises we would do, or rather, guided mediative journeys she would take me on to tackle a particular problem.  I loved finding new ways to love and accept myself.  It was a gift to see the deep work we were doing starting to take form within me, to feel a sense of calm, peace, and acceptance I don’t think I had ever felt before.  Having someone else to connect with spiritually that I didn’t also have to be a support system for, was the type of therapy I needed.

The safety and assurance of knowing I could reach out to someone and they would make themselves available to hold space for me, to feel, to fall apart, to emote, without judgement, only with love and support and guidance was a great benefit.  


I gained a deep sense of calm and peace as I truly accepted myself exactly as I am, and when anxiety or depression rises up, I feel as though I have a whole toolbox of tools to help me.  Be it to move/dance, to meditate, to chant, EFT, or saying affirmations, I have a whole new set of spiritual tools to chose from and that is a huge benefit as I navigate this life.  I have felt a release deep inside of me as the past wounds have been healed.

- Jenna Pletcher

Los Angeles, CA
Lighting Designer 

I was in a very dark place when a friend of mine connected me with Kayla...

I was going through major life transitions after having my first child, working through personal issues, family traumas, and on a societal level, grappling with gender issues, racism, and feelings of isolation from family and friends partly due to living abroad. Simultaneously, I was suffering from long covid, which I believe triggered the intense depression. I did not recognize myself, and was considering turning to antidepressants. Being alive felt like grueling, hard work.


After my initial connection call with Kayla, I already felt a bit better. She reminded me that being in such a dark place is a tremendous opportunity and invitation for true transition in the best way possible.

By the end of our 6-month deep dive, after plenty of tears, laughter, and deep discussion, I feel so, so much lighter. Kayla is extremely intuitive and made me feel heard and seen, something I haven't experienced in working with clinical psychologists. She is never judgmental, acknowledges your feelings, always has constructive feedback and makes you feel completely comfortable about opening up to painful pasts. Kayla took notes weekly about how I was feeling, what I was going through, and followed up each session by asking how I was feeling about the week prior, allowing me space to reflect.

The road to healing can be a bit abstract and quite impossible to articulate in a few paragraphs. I am back to myself again, and it just doesn't feel right to go back to a 'traditional' therapist from here on. I am more equipped now to be able to slow down and respond to things that arise instead of moving through life on autopilot, reacting to every trigger. I am truly thankful for Kayla and I hope that any of you out there who is called to reach out to her will do so!

- Tammi Lee
   New York

How blessed I am to have come across my spiritual guru, guardian angel, and soul sister, Kayla Oceanna, at my neediest times. Before Kayla, I only saw the power of spirituality in religious form, underestimating the life-changing potential it has on our being in connection with the whole.

In committing myself to Kayla’s Six Moon Deep Dive, I met my real self for the first time after three decades of existence.
Every moon, I reached a deeper part of me, that I had buried away subconsciously, never realizing how much these wounds affected my every day life as a woman, wife, mother,  daughter, friend, boss, and human being.

Kayla’s gentle method of reaching within, allowed me to open my pandora’s box with courage and resolution.  

I came out with an indescribable spiritual awakening that transformed me to an energy of compassion, strength, clarity, and love for all, especially myself.

I deeply recommend Kayla to anyone who’s ready for a radical transformation. With Kayla, you will gain the opportunity to live a true, purposeful existence in this lifetime. I love her with all my heart!
- Jessica Kay Lee
Taipei, Taiwan
Writer and Spiritual Guide 

I had my first Unblock Healing Immersion session with Kayla about three weeks ago and my life has been shifting in BIG ways ever since.
She was able to lead me into past traumas in a way I haven't experienced before.
These traumas had been causing unbearable conflict within myself and my relationships for years and after about eight days of work, I could feel clarity and understanding taking over what was once confusion and frustration.
After integrating what I had experienced with Kayla, I finally feel like I can trust myself and my process, and that my body is an ally instead of an enemy.
I'm beginning to create clear boundaries for myself and others out of love and through this, have begun shedding what is no longer in line with my highest self.
For the first time, I'm feeling aligned with my true nature and like I am attracting what is right for me.
Kayla has awakened in me a confidence I have been seeking for tirelessly for years.
She is a true healer and integrator of darkness and light.

-Kensi Rose
Singer Songwriter
San Francisco, California

The great Ones say to follow your joy. What if the greatest bliss can come from dancing in the darkness? 
Kayla’s innate medicine is her joy in roaming the depths...for it is the land in which she loves to dance and play. She can not only walk, but run towards and into any shadow lands your own ego might fear to tread-and once you go with her, you can’t help but feel the joy in discovering the treasures that lay buried there. 
The shadow aspects I didn’t DARE reveal to anyone else-my fears around lack and shame around money were the very things i needed to look at within myself to find forgiveness, and Kayla’s unconditionally loving presence opened me to the transformation possible in returning to my innocence. 
I truly can’t recommend a shadow dance with Kayla more highly. Her powerful reflections, simple prescriptions and joy are infinite gifts.

-Greyson Jasmine Rose
Santa Barbara, CA
Writer and Artist 

I want to thank Light and Shadow Kayla for her beautiful gifts and talents that she is sharing with us in order to help us to better understand ourselves and navigate the world with more ease and self-love and compassion.

It was such a blessing to have my first human design reading with Kayla yesterday.

It's amazing because I'd been experiencing some lymphatic drainage system stuff in my physical body, and I learned yesterday about my spleen center and its significance in terms of my human design chart and it's fascinating to me how this feels like a piece of the puzzle that I have been seeking. And then it landed right in my lap.

And also the tapping that I experienced at the end, removed all of my physical pain and I have committed to doing it for 40 days.
Bless you, Kayla, for your intuition, your guidance, and the love that you bring to this service that you offer.   It's really an honor to receive and connect so deeply. 

-Marie-Louise Boyrie
Ontario, Canada
Yoga Teacher

I absolutely LOVED every single session. Kayla has inspired and helped me so much. She facilitates my self-searching journey so beautifully and I am so grateful for having her in my life. Kayla has taught me life-skills that are so rich and nourishing in so many ways. I am grateful and honored to have the chance to sit with her and share with this wonderful woman each week.

-Sandra Tu Shen
Dancer Instructor
Taipei, Taiwan

I will never forget the day when I came to my first workshop with Kayla. I was pushing down a lot of emotional pain. Through our eye contact, I knew she saw and acknowledged it. And because I knew that she knew, I was able to turn and face what I really felt. Kayla has an incredible ability to connect you with your inner truth.Kayla has such a fearless and compassionate heart. She inspires to live every morsel of life with dedication to being truthful and present.

Lana Tsebriy
Victoria, B.C

Kayla magically knows what words and what stories will be able to bring you where you need to get. In a very poetic way, her melodic voice leads you through visualizations that are inner travels and intimate encounters with yourself.
Being guided by Kayla means going deep to see yourself - in a soft and subtle way, that still can shake you when darkened layers are unveiled.
A journey with Kayla is a journey on the path of self love, inner strength and alignment with who you truly are.


-Anne Dewees
Sound Therapy Healer and Singer​
Taipei, Taiwan


Kayla is gifted both as a deep listener and in seeing value in an idea or intention and bringing it forth in a clear and structured way.

In our Oracle Session I felt the freedom to fully explore my ideas, as well as my blocks as she guided me through organizing my vision into a streamlined workshop flow.

Having a clearly defined workshop was in an of itself a huge value for me, and then on top of that she helped me in identifying a value exchange that feels aligned and defining my next steps to launch my first workshop. 

Thank you Kayla for sharing your mastery in launching impactful workshops.

-Chelsea Watts

Actor and Singer

Brooklyn, NY

Kayla has a high sensitivity and intuition that allows her to see behind the veils of ordinary perception. Combined with her genuine interest in diving deep and leaving no shadow unnoticed and unloved she makes an amazing Priestess offering the magical ability of healing and empowering. If you need some spiritual guidance and support, reach out to Kayla and get ready to be re-born.

-Zoya Lu

Embodiment and Marriage Coach
Taipei, Taiwan


It was a inner call that connected me to Kayla. It was surprisingly a deep touching heart connection with her.After a surgery I had couple months ago and the medical treatment I’m still having, I’ve been through a difficult time in my life. I lost my core value and harmony, I’ve been trying different healing methods and I still feel my dark side sometimes. With the guidance, Kayla helps me to again look into the sources of my life courses. To back to the beginning to re-feel the center and rebirth of my inner power. To see how powerful I can be, to see how unconditional love can work in a totally different way, not just towards others but also to myself. To again receive the the Divine energy and transform that power into the wisdom in daily life.

-Carole Lapine
Yoga and Meditation Instructor
Taipei, Taiwan


I am at a loss for words to describe my gratitude and joy at having felt Kayla's support in our session shared the other day.

My heart is beaming when I think of her sharing this "work"...this way that I felt her hold space with mucho kind tender softness, love and grace.  The techniques we used to tune in and then to clear the energy work well for me. Her tech interface worked well for me.  Her follow up is beautiful.  From start to finish beautiful work!!
thank you.. bow.

- Diana Nielson
Creative Intuitive and Playwrite 
Victoria, British Columbia

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