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Women's Circle 
for shes, gays and theys


every other Sunday

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One of the most direct routes to living the life you want is through choiceful vulnerability. This is especially hard for empaths. And teaching your system enough safety to be intentionally vulnerable is a practice. Most of us didn’t learn the skill of active listening or intentional sharing. If you’re ready to elevate your life, there is a simple ingredient you NEED to add. 

You will not grow if you’re not willing to get vulnerable. 

The Sun is to Vitality what Vulnerability is to Growth. 

This is where the Circle comes in.

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My Story

I used to be terrified to be honest in my sharing. I was tracking so many people and their emotions, that I had a hard time individuating my energy and others'. This made it impossible to get clarity on what my authentic expression even was. I was hiding because I was overwhelmed. I was confused, exhausted and eventually burnt out. 

Everything came to a head when I was living in a home I didn’t love, stuck in a harmful relationship, and was doing work that didn’t light me up. What I didn’t even realize at the time is that I was keeping a part of myself hidden, from myself and those around me - because I didn't have the tools I needed to be empowered and energized with my sensitivies.  

I love the idea of women’s circles - unfortunately too many are not held in the deepest focalized frequency for healing, nor do they include the grounded, inspiring insights that can expand the mind's limited capacities. I’ve actually left many such gatherings feeling exposed, hurt and doubly contracted --- AND, of course, EXHAUSTED!

I found that my ten-year daily meditation practice wasn’t enough, and I was missing a potent ingredient: specific practices for how to engage with others as an empath, HSP or ND. It was then that I discovered a simple way to breakthrough to living authentically and how to channel my life energy into what I wanted, rather than draining all my energy for others - so that I manifested my dream partner, amazing friendships, work I love and even my dream home - all while honoring and celebrating my sensitivity.

I feel I have been called to create my own expression of an online circle combining the intended intimacy of women's circles with the deeper energy work of empath empowerment and my background in psychology and counseling.


As a certified counselor with a B.A. in Behavioral Psychology and M.A in Education as well as eight years' experience as a guide and facilitator, you can feel truly held, met and inspired in circles facilitated by me.


This is why I’m gathering  YOU  for the Empath Empowerment Circle (previously known as (Not Just a) Women’s Circle).

Let’s take this deeper. . .


Five Reasons to Join




carve out space for your growth backed by science and millennials-old spiritual practices 


reinforce neural pathways of safety to create the life you want 


feel inspired and energized on a consistent basis!

foster heart-centered connectivity in divisive times

accountability and clarity about what you want in life


Joining Kayla's Circles has allowed me to be more vulnerable and in tune with myself. The circle is a safe haven where you are encouraged to show up just as you are. Kayla encourages us to share and be present with what is. It is an alchemizing chrysalis where you definitely get what you put in, exponentially.

Kristina Kraft

The Circle is a safe space to share emotionally and connect with others on a deeper level without fear of judgement. I can practice and connect with other people who hold a similar sense of spirituality. The group guided meditations are a beautiful invitation to connect with myself and then after during a sharing  round, I enjoy practicing how to connect authentically with others while keeping this connection with myself present. 

I've learned how to notice when I am advising, or comparing, or soothing someone out of habit. I've learned how to speak to what is coming up from me without going into the story. The movement exercises have also been extremely supportive.

Jenna Pletcher

The Circle is a place that allows me to step closer into intimacy with others. It is a space for awakening, learning to speak and share, nurturing, and meeting the edges of your growth. I enjoy learning to be more present with those feelings within myself and exploring what it means to really be with others. In this space, I am taking responsibility for showing up fully, in whatever way that means each day.


This is a space we can relearn our often lost spiritual connections of our sisterhood to better understand ourselves... I have absorbed some keys to articulating what my physical body is experiencing. Putting words to my physical and spiritual expression helps me feel real here. I have also used the sharing as opportunities to practice expressing my gut voice through my throat. In this practice, I then use the learning to support my communication with others. Lately, it's helped me to communicate with my mother better.

Danielle Soo Lum

Everything has been wonderful! I appreciate the consistency of coming together, and the unique blend of personal practice and communal sharing. I also love that we spend time both in our minds and in our bodies. This experience is such a loving gift!

Melisa De Seguirant 

Join Our Group of Powerful Seekers now...

Above the Clouds

True empowerment cannot impact your life without you actually strengthening that muscle.   


Join this circle and practice the skills you need to be empowered and energized in your life. Enter into a safe space where you practice being individuated, authentic, and expressive in a supportive group cheering you on. 


Each month you will:  

  • Be introduced to science-based and magic-enhanced concepts    •

  • See from perspectives that expand your viewpoints and understandings    •

  • Share and be witnessed in a container with an elevated level of safety and vulnerability    •

  • Deepen your skills of active listening and authentic sharing    •

  • Enforce new neural pathways    •

  • Enjoy embodiment practices    •

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Sundays, 11:30pm Pacific /
2:30 pm Eastern


Only $101 per month! 

What you get:

+ Intimate, personalized calls every other week for 4 months

+ 90 minutes per call, recorded 

+Consistent support + accountability from a group setting for FOUR months

Bonus Course Access:
+ Shadow Work

+Healing the Sister Wound

+Empath Empowerment

+Group chat on Telegram for connections between calls

Circles are intentionally kept small so spaces are limited. 

Pay in Full 

Make a 1 time payment of $399 for full access to the CIRCLE and Bonus Courses

Monthly Payment Plan

Pay 4 monthly payments of $101 for full access to the CIRCLE and Bonus Courses

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