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Deeper than your average
Women's Circle

every other Sunday

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One of the most direct routes to living the life you want is through choiceful vulnerability. This is especially hard for empaths. And teaching your system enough safety to be intentionally vulnerable is a practice. Most of us didn’t learn the skill of active listening or intentional sharing. If you’re ready to elevate your life, there is a simple ingredient you NEED to add. 

Vulnerability in Community


 Are you ready to embrace your sensitivity and transform your life?


This CIRCLE is your sanctuary, designed to empower and energize empathic individuals like you. Led by Kayla Hardin, a certified counselor and empath empowerment guide with a background in psychology and counseling, this transformative journey will help you tap into your authentic self and create the life you truly desire.

What is the CIRCLE?

The (Not JUST a) Women's CIRCLE is an online community of empathic, spiritual individuals seeking growth, connection, and personal transformation. It combines the intimacy of women's circles with deep energy work and empowerment practices. This CIRCLE provides a safe and supportive space where you can explore your sensitivities, enhance your skills, and thrive in a like-minded community.

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My Story

I used to be terrified to be honest in my sharing. I was tracking so many people and their emotions, that I had a hard time individuating my energy and others'. This made it impossible to get clarity on what my authentic expression even was. I was hiding because I was overwhelmed. I was confused, exhausted and eventually burnt out. 

I love the idea of women’s circles - unfortunately too many are not held in the deepest focalized frequency for healing, nor do they include the grounded, inspiring insights that can expand the mind's limited capacities. I’ve actually left many such gatherings feeling exposed, hurt and doubly contracted --- AND, of course, EXHAUSTED!

I found that my ten-year daily meditation practice wasn’t enough, and I was missing a potent ingredient: specific practices for how to engage with others as an empath, HSP or ND. It was then that I discovered a simple way to breakthrough to living authentically and how to channel my life energy into what I wanted, rather than draining all my energy for others - so that I manifested my dream partner, amazing friendships, work I love and even my dream home - all while honoring and celebrating my sensitivity.

I feel I have been called to create my own expression of an online circle combining the intended intimacy of women's circles with the deeper energy work of empath empowerment and my background in psychology and counseling.


About Your Guide:


Kayla Hardin, a certified counselor with a B.A. in Behavioral Psychology and an M.A. in Education, brings her expertise and passion to guide you on this journey. With eight years of experience as a guide and facilitator, Kayla creates a nurturing environment where you can feel truly seen, heard, and inspired. Her unique blend of psychology, counseling, and energy work empowers you to embrace your sensitivity and harness it as a source of strength.

What to Expect:

In the Women's CIRCLE, you'll embark on a transformative exploration of self-discovery and personal growth. Each month, you'll delve into science-based and magic-enhanced concepts that expand your perspectives and understanding. Through deep listening, sharing, and embodiment practices, you'll cultivate active listening skills, authentic connections, and new neural pathways. This CIRCLE is a supportive space for you to practice being individuated, expressive, and empowered in a community of empathic individuals who cheer you on every step of the way. 

"Joining Kayla's Circles has allowed me to be more vulnerable and in tune with myself. The circle is a safe haven where you are encouraged to show up just as you are. Kayla encourages us to share and be present with what is. It is an alchemizing chrysalis where you definitely get what you put in, exponentially."
"The Circle is a place that allows me to step closer into intimacy with others. It is a space for awakening, learning to speak and share, nurturing, and meeting the edges of your growth. I enjoy learning to be more present with those feelings within myself and exploring what it means to really be with others. In this space, I am taking responsibility for showing up fully, in whatever way that means each day."
​"Everything has been wonderful! I appreciate the consistency of coming together, and the unique blend of personal practice and communal sharing. I also love that we spend time both in our minds and in our bodies. This experience is such a loving gift!"

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is this CIRCLE only for women?
    No, the (Not JUST a) Women's CIRCLE welcomes individuals of all gender identities who are seeking growth, empowerment and community through in alignment with feminine values.

  • Do I need any prior experience or knowledge?
    No prior experience is necessary. The CIRCLE is open to individuals at all levels of understanding and experience. It's a safe and inclusive space for beginners and those well-versed in empathic and spiritual practices.

  • How often do the CIRCLE sessions take place?
    The CIRCLE meets every other week to provide consistent support and growth opportunities. Each session is carefully curated to facilitate deep connections and transformative experiences.

  • Is the CIRCLE suitable for neurodivergent or introverted individuals?
    Absolutely! The Women's CIRCLE is inclusive and welcomes neurodivergent and introverted individuals seeking empowerment, understanding, and support on their unique journey.

  • How much does it cost to join?
    The CIRCLE is $219/month for four months of calls and group chat access.  Or pay in full for 32% off the monthly rate! 

  • How can I join the CIRCLE?
    To join the Women's CIRCLE and embark on this transformative journey, simply click the "Join Now" button and follow the registration process. We ensure an intimate and supportive atmosphere, so be sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible.

Step into your power, embrace your sensitivity, and manifest the life you deserve.
Join the (Not JUST a) Women's CIRCLE today!

"The Circle is a place that allows me to step closer into intimacy with others. It is a space for awakening, learning to speak and share, nurturing, and meeting the edges of your growth. I enjoy learning to be more present with those feelings within myself and exploring what it means to really be with others. In this space, I am taking responsibility for showing up fully, in whatever way that means each day."
"This is a space we can relearn our often lost spiritual connections of our sisterhood to better understand ourselves... I have absorbed some keys to articulating what my physical body is experiencing. Putting words to my physical and spiritual expression helps me feel real here. I have also used the sharing as opportunities to practice expressing my gut voice through my throat. In this practice, I then use the learning to support my communication with others. Lately, it's helped me to communicate with my mother better."
"The Circle is a safe space to share emotionally and connect with others on a deeper level without fear of judgement. I can practice and connect with other people who hold a similar sense of spirituality. The group guided meditations are a beautiful invitation to connect with myself and then after during a sharing  round, I enjoy practicing how to connect authentically with others while keeping this connection with myself present."

Going deeper...

In this safe haven, you are encouraged to show up as your authentic self and connect deeply with others.

Through guided meditations, movement exercises, and sharing rounds, we create a nurturing environment where vulnerability and spiritual connection thrive.

Join us to experience the power of genuine connection without fear of judgment. Our Circle provides a supportive space to explore your emotions, strengthen your spirituality, and learn to communicate from a place of presence. You'll discover the art of being fully present, expressing yourself authentically, and deepening your connections with others.

Participants have found immense value in the Circle, gaining self-awareness and learning to communicate without falling into old patterns. Our movement exercises support personalgrowth, while guided meditations invite you to connect with your inner self. Together, we create a sisterhood that reawakens spiritual connections and empowers you to articulate your experiences, both physical and spiritual.

The Women's Circle is a loving gift of consistency, where we come together to nurture ourselves and each other. It's an opportunity to step into intimacy, nurture your growth, and expand your understanding of yourself. Whether you seek to break free from old habits, improve communication, or cultivate deeper connections, our Women's Circle offers a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Don't miss out on this enriching experience. Join us in the Women's Circle and unlock the magic of relational alchemy.

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Noon Pacific/ 3 pm Eastern 

July 7 - Oct 13


$199 per month 

What you get:

+ Intimate, personalized calls every other week for 4 months

+ 90 minutes per call, recorded 

+Consistent support + accountability from a group setting for FOUR months

+Group chat for connection and support between calls

Circles are intentionally kept small 


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