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4 Steps for Healing the Sisterhood Wound

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Jealousy, insecurity, secrecy, gossip, comparison, fear— these are all ways that the sisterhood wound manifests itself in relationships with other women. Instead of viewing the other woman as an ally, we may see them as an enemy, competition, or source of harm. Healing the sister wound is the way that we can reclaim our power, our grace, our magic. If we lift each other up, support and value each other, we can help us all reclaim our power. How are you working to teach your system safety and good boundaries in your female relationships? Where are you still withholding, over-giving without receiving, distrustful? Let's transmute these energies into love, support and empowerment together in this powerful course of 4 steps for Healing the Sister Wound for Better Relationships in your life!

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