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Laughter on the Full Moon

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Last night, I’m in the bath, with the beautiful silver-blue moon light pouring over my body in the waters when I am so overcome with joy. All that moon’s gravitational pull, all that potential, all that magic — My body begins to convulse with laughter. On and on and on ripples of energy move through me as I'm feeling so free, alive and grateful after a challenging few days of hopelessness.

Laughter is one of the most powerful tools in my spiritual toolkit. This practice can transmute the densest of energies. And I love this trick, laugh at your laughs and they begin to pile up on each other like folds of an accordion. Each laugh creating a powerful bellows of your body that clears and cleanses. You don’t need to know what you’re laughing about initially, just flow with it then keep laughing at your laughs. Sometimes, you’ll get caught up in it being uncontrollable (gosh, I used to pee my pants when I was younger ;) or like in my bath last night, I let the laughter die down when my mouth ached too much from smiling. After getting out I was so delighted by the bath, the laugh, & moonlight blessing that I did a happy dance. What a gift to be free to dance and laugh. I love playing the sacred archetype of the Fool. There’s so much to learn there.

As sensitives, we can really guide the way for total childlike innocence in expression all the way into adulthood for those that it may not come so naturally to. Tonight, I’ll take another bath in the full moon light and will speak my intentions to the waters, to be drained away. Because the full moon pulls the ocean tides the most at this time, it likewise affects our inner waters (of which we're mostly made), and are ritualistically times of release and purification. I liken it to the stories of werewolves, who come out at the full moon. This is a great metaphor for our inner werewolves which thrive at this time. Think full-on energy or, when we've been suppressing ourselves, that unconscious, destructive beast may be come out in harmful ways. We can also say the full moon light illuminates those before-unseen places within our psyche, so that we can “let go of that which no longer serves us”, meaning those old patterns that were once unconscious. In doing so, we make space for more of the light of conscious choicefulness and harmonic resonance frequencies within ourselves, radiating from us and thus, we attract more of the same. So this last full moon of 2020, an unprecedented year in all of our lives, what are you ready to let go of? What are you more aware of in the light of this full moon today? What emotional patterns are showing themselves? What do you wish to say goodbye to in your life?

I recommend you speak these out loud or write them down as this can be more impactful than just thinking them. I also love the reminder of not letting this time be an excuse to pressure yourself to DO another thing. Let this reflection feel easeful and loving. Be gentle with yourself. It’s time to release that pushing energy. Maybe just do a little dance and have a good laugh… faking it offers the same release! and… get ready for fresh new energies to abound in the spaciousness you’re creating!

Blessed full moon!

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