Six Moon Deep Dive


A Personalized Journey to Rebirth Yourself  

and Unveil Your Essence

Are you ready to take a stand for yourself?  To call in support?  To commit to finally making the changes to be your most powerful, unique, authentic expression of yourself?   

This personalized coaching package is so valuable in that we work with whatever is most prevalent for you each month and allow that to inform our work together.


1. Empower yourself through choicefulness rather than operating by conditioned behavior. It is one thing to understand this in the mind and another to embody it at a cellular level.  Trace down into the roots of this and past lifetimes to go into the subconscious and meet the parts of self that are disowned to reinstate choicefulness in place of engrained habits. 


2. Recognize through this work that there are no right or wrong choices. The most important thing is to make a choice from a place of awareness.


3. Reveal your essence as we strip back all that's been conditioned and layered on. As your essence is revealed, you begin to shine, like a polished jewel.  Learn to celebrate yourself and be celebrated!


4. The connection to the Feminine practices is balanced with the practical Masculine action-oriented steps in this work. Completely personalized tools come at the end of each session.


Are you ready to

  • connect to ancient lineages of healing

  • learn tools to be present and how to give yourself the feeling of home and safety

  • unconditionally love yourself and others

  • get intimate with your body and treat yourself as a Temple

  • explore your sensuality and sexuality and what that means for you, outside of societal projections and conditioning

  • ignite your personal power and energy

  • channel your Essence into aligned action

  • learn how to be an emotional alchemist, transforming challenging emotions into Love and Light for yourself and the collective

  • hone your boundaries and learn self-respecting behaviors and mindsets

  • express yourself authentically, lovingly and magnetically

  • learn to channel your own guides and inner knowing

  • vision your future from your highest self

  • unlock your Limitless Potential??



How blessed I am to have come across my spiritual guide, guardian angel, and soul sister, Kayla Oceanna, at my neediest times. Before Kayla, I only saw the power of spirituality in religious form, underestimating the life-changing potential it has on our being in connection with the whole.

In committing myself to Kayla’s Six Moon Deep Dive, I met my real self for the first time after three decades of existence. 

Every moon, I reached a deeper part of me, that I had buried away subconsciously, never realizing how much these wounds affected my every day life as a woman, wife, mother,  daughter, friend, boss, and human being.

Kayla’s gentle method of reaching within, allowed me to open my pandora’s box with courage and resolution.  

I came out with an indescribable spiritual awakening that transformed me to an energy of compassion, strength, clarity, and love for all, especially myself.

I deeply recommend Kayla to anyone who’s ready for a radical transformation. With Kayla, you will gain the opportunity to live a true, purposeful existence in this lifetime. I love her with all my heart!


- Jessica Kay Lee

Entrepreneur & Mother

6 Months of 1:1 live calls with me featuring :

  • EFT 

  • Hypnosis

  • Meditation

  • Breath Work

  • Shadow Work

  • Human Design

  • Astrogeography

  • Intuitive Channeling

  • Chanting & Sound Therapy

  • Feminine Mysteries Initiations


  • All Tailored FOR YOU!


I'd love to hear from you. 

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