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One-on-One Packages

A Personalized Journey to Design the Life You Want

"I believe challenges are portals of potential. When approached with intention, reverence and wonder, we open to the possibility of challenge alchemizing into wondrous outcomes."

Are you ready to take a stand for yourself?  To call in support?  To commit to finally making the changes to be your most powerful, unique, authentic expression of yourself?   

This package is for your if you're ready to consciously empower yourself to create the life you long for, to stop settling and to live a vibrant, meaningful life.



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Six-Moon Deep Dive: Homepage_about

How blessed I am to have come across my spiritual guide, guardian angel, and soul sister, Kayla Oceanna, at my neediest times. Before Kayla, I only saw the power of spirituality in religious form, underestimating the life-changing potential it has on our being in connection with the whole.

In committing myself to Kayla’s Coaching Package, I met my real self for the first time after three decades of existence. 
Every moon, I reached a deeper part of me, that I had buried away subconsciously, never realizing how much these wounds affected my every day life as a woman, wife, mother,  daughter, friend, boss, and human being.

Kayla’s gentle method of reaching within, allowed me to open my pandora’s box with courage and resolution.  

I came out with an indescribable spiritual awakening that transformed me to an energy of compassion, strength, clarity, and love for all, especially myself.

I deeply recommend Kayla to anyone who’s ready for a radical transformation. With Kayla, you will gain the opportunity to live a true, purposeful existence in this lifetime. I love her with all my heart!

- Jessica Kay Lee
Entrepreneur & Mother

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