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Boundaries Initiation: Shaving My Head

Have you ever felt that sacred, "No!" and needed to do something drastic because of it!? This can be such a powerful initiation, right? I had one of these about 12 years ago, living in Taiwan when I felt a clear calling to buzz off all my hair! Here's a clip of me sharing about when I shaved my head in reaction to oppressive wounded masculine energies and in a very strong sacred no, wielded my sword of discernment to playing victim any more. Wait for the image at the end!!

I was literally and figuratively cleaning up the garbage in my life and literally and figuratively working to create boundaries energetically and physically by shaving my head, thinking it would repel men (who, at the time, were 'the problem'). So much has shifted since then. I no longer play victim. I no longer hold any one outside myself responsible for me and I am still cultivating the art of boundaries... and helping others empaths do the same! We can do this! Drastic measures of simple shifts. Let's keep cultivating this New Earth together through these sacred acts. I'd love to hear one of your stories as well!

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