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A Channeled Message

12/20/2020 - A solstice message / Great Conjunction Blessing

Be playful, have fun. Explore. Adventure. Live. This life is for living!

Yes, dying is part of living. Its natural. You are natural. Your tears are a sign of freedom. You want to be home so badly. I see you.

Your longing is valid. Let the longing be a signpost. A guide. Let the thread of your longing guide you in the darkness.

The thread is light and shimmering. It is loose AND integrous. You trust this thread. You follow it into the darkness. You don’t know where you’re going. Go there anyway.

The thread of longing. Perhaps you will “be+longing” here. You will be-long. Here. With this thread. Be-long here. Now. Being with this longing.

And EnJoy this orphic gift all the while.

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